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High temperature resist Fecral alloy woven wire mesh for infrared gas boiler

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Summary:Fecralloy woven mesh has excellent infrared heating effect,it is widely used for metal fiber infared boiler and heating funace.

  The Fecralloy fiber woven mesh for boiler is made of Fe Cr Al alloy fiber. The diameter of the fiber is 40um to 60um, which ensures the heat resistance of the wire mesh in combustion up to 1300 C degrees.

Metal fiber mat is a uniform medium with strong air permeability. The filter can not only burn in the infrared radiation mode, but also in the blue flame mode, and realize the combustion conversion in two modes.

Metal fiber burner mesh is widely used in metal fiber hot water boiler, infrared drying equipment, industrial furnace, engineering heating equipment, industrial thermal equipment, etc

metal fiber burner media

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