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Advantage of Fecralloy Metal Fiber burner

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Metal fiber premix burner is new tech burner way,it is more environmental and efficient burning technology.this is burning is carried out of Fecralloy wire mesh,compared with traditional burning ,metal fiber premix gas burner has many advantages below :

Lower emission of CO and NOX.

Large load regulation range, from 100-10000 kw/m2 ,can change mode between infrared burning and blue flame fire.

Working temperature is high up to 1100 Centigrage.

Average burning on burner surface .

Long lifetime upto 20000 hours .

Strong structure of Fecralloy wire mesh, can adapt to cold water when in use .

Easy to processed to any shape, as the metal wire mesh is soft to deal with .

RONDA METAL FIBER TECHNOLOGY is specialized in metal wire mesh for gas burners .

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