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Feedback from infrared gas burner customer

clicks:11362019-07-09 16:50:14 Source: Ronda technical textile

Summary:Rondatex's metal fiber performance well on the infrared burners in Poland

Infrared gas heater

One of our customers in Poland sent us the photo of their infrared gas burner , customer use Rondatex's metal fiber mat as the burning media, he said the metal fiber has appropriate air permeability,red fire is average on surface , NOX and CO emissions reduced at least 60%, customer was satisfied with the quality and competitive cost,they said they are sure to have a further cooperation with Rondatex.

As a professional metal fiber factory , Rondatex has a wide selection of fiber mat for infrared gas burner and gas heater,we sincerly hope to supply our competitive metal fiber to worldwide customers.

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