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Manufacturing Method of Metal Fiber

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Summary:Main Manufacturing Method of Metal Fiber

Manufacturing Method of Metal Fiber

Metal fibers can be manufactured by drawing, spinning, cutting, grinding and plating metal sintering.

1) drawing method
Ultra-fine fibers can be obtained by ordinary single-wire drawing. Its cross-section shape and surface state can reach the best state, with smooth surface and precise size. But the production efficiency is low and the cost of the mould is high, so the price is very expensive. By using the method of cluster drawing, dozens or even hundreds of wires are drawn on one die at the same time, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the cost. Cluster drawing is to pull the raw metal wire in the package (such as copper sleeve), repeatedly, with additional annealing process in the middle, cut into sections after reaching a certain diameter, together, and then continue to pull after the package material is installed, until the required fiber diameter is obtained. The cladding material can be dissolved with acid (such as nitric acid) to obtain the required metal fibers.
2) spinning method
The spinning process can directly produce metal fibers from liquid metals at low cost, but requires special equipment. If the molten metal is melted, the molten liquid will flow out of the small hole at the bottom of the container by mechanical force or gas pressure, and solidify in an appropriate atmosphere. After molten metal flows out of fine Ls, the bonding force between the grains of metal fibers is very weak and has "hot brittleness", so the metal fibers can be cut into short fibers with a small force. Therefore, the metal staple fibers with the same length can be obtained by adding a certain shear force to the decreased metal fibers. Shear force can be generated by impact of metal plates inclined to metal fibers. This method has the advantages of simple process, fast speed, no pollution of oil and water, and no residual stress.
3) cutting method
The cutting method uses solid metal as raw material and cutters to cut fibre chips. The method is simple, the production cycle is short and the cost is low, but it is difficult to obtain uniform and smooth cross-section fibers, which are mainly used to produce short metal fibers.
4) grinding method
The metal is grinded on a grinder equipped with a certain kind of abrasive (high hardness material). The required diameter of the metal fibers can be obtained by adjusting the bite amount, feed amount and abrasive particle size on the grinder. The coarseness of metal fibers is influenced by many factors, such as the finer the metal fibers are, and the coarser the abrasive particle size, the coarser the metal fibers are. Fine nickel or nickel alloy wires and strong and tough metal fibers such as nickel-iron alloys can be made by this method.
5) Sintering of Coated Metals
Hollow metal fibers can be obtained by electroless metal plating, vacuum evaporation and metal slurry infiltration on organic fibers, or electroplating on the surface of organic fibers after conductive treatment, thermal decomposition and sintering in a reducing atmosphere, or reduction annealing after pyrolysis (or pyrolysis) of organic matter in the atmosphere to remove oxides.
6) Other methods

Metal fibers can also be obtained by mixing metal powders or metal oxides with organic binders and extruding them into fibers from microporous spinnerets. After removing binders at high temperatures, they can be sintered in reductive atmosphere, or by directly removing binders in reductive atmosphere. In addition, if Ni (OH) 2 powder is used with binder and paste, extruded into fibers, and then reduced to sinter, nickel fibers can be prepared.

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