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The Significance of Studying Metal Fiber

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Summary:Metal fibers are used more and more in daily life and industry,it is of great value to study the application of metal fibers

Metal fibers are widely used in anti-electromagnetic wave, electromagnetic wave shielding, electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic induction, electrostatic initiation, electrostatic interference, noise reduction, heat conduction, conductivity and corrosion resistance.
Medical circles have proved that with the increasing popularity of electrical appliances, electromagnetic waves have a greater impact on human body. Television stations, radio stations, household appliances, mobile phones, computer equipment and high-voltage wires have become the sources of electromagnetic waves, and the radiation produced by them causes obvious harm to human body. In the modern life full of electronic and telecommunication equipment, its electromagnetic interference characteristics may cause people to face a dangerous situation, but we may not know. Studies have shown that after using computers for a long time, there will be fatigue, eye fatigue, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, headache, sleepiness, restlessness, insomnia. Electromagnetic waves can also make people's immune function decline, reduce calcium in the human body, visual impairment, leukemia, brain tumors and other symptoms. For pregnant women may cause abnormal birth, abortion.... In addition, electromagnetic waves can also produce positive ions that disturb the state of the human body. Long-term high-power, high-intensity electromagnetic waves emitted can cause adverse reactions such as boredom, insomnia and so on. The number of white blood cells increases in severe cases, and the incidence of cancer is higher than that in normal people. In areas affected by high-power long-range microwave radar, the number of cancer patients has increased dramatically. In addition to the health hazards of the above electromagnetic radiation, it also has adverse effects on the endocrine system, hearing, material metabolism, and the morphological changes of tissues and organs. Therefore, anti-electromagnetic wave has become the focus and hot spot in the research of new textile functional products.
Metal fibers not only have all the inherent advantages of metal materials, but also have some special properties of non-metallic fibers. They have incomparable functions and spinnability in internal structure, magnetism, thermal resistance, melting point, anti-electromagnetic radiation, anti-static, electromagnetic shielding, fabric heat dissipation and other aspects. With good thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, flexibility and corrosion resistance, it has developed from traditional materials to new textile materials, which has doubled its value and expanded its application field. As a deep processing product of metal materials, it is also a product with high added value and certain scientific and technological content. It is widely used in national defense science and technology, petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, textile, electronics, military industry, aviation, aerospace and other fields.

Therefore, it is of great value to study the application of metal fibers.

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