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Why metal fiber infrared furmance is more and more polular

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Summary:Metal fiber burner belongs to premixed gas surface combustion,burning technology has the advantages of low emission rate of NOx and CO,it is more and more polular worldwide.

Metal fiber infrared furmance

With the stricter and stricter requirement of the national standard for boiler emission, controlling nitrogen emission of boiler is also one of the key tasks of the national haze control. NOx is very toxic. The content of NOx in the air lasts for 1 hour, which begins to affect people. Under the action of sunlight, NOx can generate ozone through a series of photochemistry reactions, forming photochemistry smog, which is more toxic. Therefore, the emission of nitrogen oxides from boilers is a pollutant standard which attracts wide attention at present. At present, the effective way to control the emission of nitrides is to control the source of nitrogen oxides from boilers separately, so as to minimize the nitrogen oxides produced by burner combustion, so that it can be controlled within the national standards. Metal fiber burner is a kind of fully premixed blue flame burner. With special metal fiber as the burning surface, the burning intensity can reach 10 000 kw/m3. It is a new burner gradually promoted in recent years. Metal fiber burning technology has the advantages of low emission rate of NOx and CO, low pressure loss, high combustion efficiency, compact structure and wide load regulation ratio of thermal power equipment. For the production of nitrogen oxides, the higher the combustion temperature is, the greater the production of nitrogen oxides. Metal fiber burner belongs to premixed gas surface combustion. The premixed uniform mixture of gas and air flows to the burner head and combusts on the surface layer of metal fiber fabric with uniform permeability, which makes the combustion stable and uniform distribution. Pre-mixed combustion has a very thin free flame. Because the heat transfer of the mixture gas is insufficient, the chemical reaction is carried out in a very narrow area, and the other space chemical reactions of the combustor are very slow, which results in local high temperature, resulting in higher burnout and pollution emissions. In the existing technology, the production of some nitrogen oxides can be reduced by adding metal wire mesh with high thermal conductivity and radiation rate to the head of the combustor. However, the high temperature resistance of the burner is often affected by the metal mesh with different materials, and the thermal expansion coefficient of the metal mesh with different materials is different. After heating, the internal stress of the wire mesh will occur, and the service life of the burner will also be affected. Therefore, how to precisely regulate and control the distribution of combustible gases, ensure the uniform distribution of combustible gases on the surface of the burning head, avoid the generation of high temperature areas, make combustion more fully, and thus effectively reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides, is an urgent problem for technical personnel in this field.

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