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Characteristics of metal fiber radiant burner

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Summary:Metal fiber burners has good character of infrared combustion,low emission ,high temperature resistance,soft and flexible

metal fiber radiant burner

Characteristics of metal fiber radiant burner

The combustion of metal fibers not only has the characteristics of infrared combustion, but also has attracted widespread attention due to its low emission characteristics. The head of the metal fiber burner is made of very fine metal fibers. Metal fibers can be sintered together to form rigid and porous sheets, and soft fabrics can also be made through textile processes. The two structures provide a homogeneous medium with strong permeability. It can be burned in both the thermal radiation mode and the blue flame mode, and it can realize the combustion translation transformation in two modes.
The metal fiber burner has good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. This gives the burner supernormal service life. When the burner is in a closed environment, the surface temperature and radiation efficiency will be increased. The maximum temperature of the metal fiber burner is 1400 C.
Metal fiber burners have thermal shock resistance. Due to the use of 100% metal, metal fiber burners can even withstand the thermal shock of the limit state. Water splashing on the surface of the burner will be evaporated without leaving any traces of damage on the surface of the burner. In addition, the metal fiber burner also has good mechanical impact resistance, backfire safety and fast cooling performance.
The flexibility of the metal fiber burner makes the burner's head form any shape. Such as flat, cylindrical, conical, concave, spherical and so on.
The characteristics of infrared radiation of the metal fiber burner are used in many industries, including household oven, industrial furnace, food industry, textile industry, automobile industry, glass manufacturing industry, steel casting industry and so on.

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