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Metal fiber combustion

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Summary:Metal fiber combuxtionis a new technology of infrared radiation heating.

metal fiber combustion

Metal fiber combustion

Metal fiber combustion refers to the combustion of metal fiber itself or as the burning surface, and the combustion of special metal fibers as the burning surface is another kind of metal combustion. This combustion technology is a new type of combustion technology that has been popularized and applied in recent years. It is widely used in different areas.

Introduction of metal fiber combustion

The metal fiber burner boiler is a fully premixed micro flame burner, with special metal fiber as the combustion surface, and the combustion intensity can reach 2500kw/m2. This combustion technology is a new type of combustion technology which has been gradually applied in recent years. It is widely used in different fields. According to the type of the output power, the flame has two basic modes. In the low power output, the burner is the infrared radiation mode. At high power output, the burner is a blue flame mode. When the power output is adjusted, the flame is changed between the two modes.

The metal fiber burner is burning in the form of micro flame, so the flame is very small, the heat is average, and the extreme heat of the combustion chamber is basically eliminated. Therefore, the emission of nitrogen oxide is very low, it is the most environmentally friendly combustion mode. The burner carries out full premixing of fuel and air, and makes precise adjustment and control, which ensures the complete mixing of gas and air to make the combustion more full and "a single show" in the current combustion technology. The combustor uses iron chromium aluminum(Fe cr al) fiber as the base metal fiber material of the burning surface. The maximum temperature of its use is up to 1400 degrees C. Because of its excellent oxidation resistance and heat intensity above 1000 C, the metal fiber burner also has high combustion efficiency, and it also has heat resistance, low pressure drop, safety and no tempering, rapid reaction and durable. Advantages such as small inertia, fast cooling, durable, and less harmful gas release. Compared with the traditional atmospheric combustion burner, metal fiber infrared radiation heating has the characteristics of uniform combustion, high thermal efficiency, less harmful gas release, and also boiler volume was redeuced.

Main advantage

1. High thermal strength and large adjustment range

When the excess air coefficient was 1.1 to 1.3, the combustion conditions were different under different surface heat intensity, when the surface heat intensity was 0.1 to 0.8W/mm2, the surface burned to 800 - 1000 C,it is infrared rays,When the thermal strength reaches 0.9 W/mm2, a blue flame appears on the surface and does not defire when the surface thermal strength reaches 5W/mm2. Metal fiber burners can also be made in the form of downward radiation.

2. CO and NOX in combustion products is very low. Under high heat intensity (900 kW / m2), CO content is lower than 40ppm and NOX content is lower than 120ppm.

3. The metal fiber carrier is stronger than the porous ceramic plate, which is not afraid of cold water attack, has certain mechanical strength, and can be processed into any shape.

4. Heat inertia is small, it can be heated quickly and cool quickly.

5. Low noise.

6. Under the condition of all primary air mixing (excess air coefficient is 1.1 - 1.3), there is no need to cool the head. Application: hot water boiler, drying equipment, industrial furnace, engineering heating equipment.

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