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Fecral metal fiber mats for IR burner

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Summary:Fecral metal fiber amts is ideal material for IR gas burner

Fecral metal fiber mats for IR burner

metal fiber mats for IR burner

                                                  Knitted metal fiber mats

Knitted metal fiber mats is knitted of Fecral alloy fiber yarn, the mat is elastic,and folded to any sharp,so it can serve for flat burner,tube sharp burner and also ball sharp IR burners .the mat is with very good air permeability , and the thickness is usually around 3 mm .

metal fiber woven mats

                                                         Metal fiber woven mats

Compared with knitted mats,metal fiber woven mats has more density,and it is without elastic,and also the thickness is a bit less than knitted one .it also good material for gas boilers .

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