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The difference between silver and metal fiber anti radiation fabrics

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Summary:Silver fiber fabric is more soft and comfortable to wear, it is also lighter weight then metal fiber fabrics

Silver fiber and metal fiber has a certain difference in the making process, metal fiber radiation protection fabric use stainless steel metal fiber and cotton fiber blended yarn process, namely the metal wiredrawn into stainless steel filaments,and then the mesh structure is formed within the fabric.

And silver fiber radiation protection suits is by a special process to silver ions penetration solidification in environmental yarn, it is high-tech products, the new production process makes the silver fiber product performance and antioxidant properties greatly improved.

Silver fiber in fabric is soft, is not so rough as metal fiber.When pregnant woven wear the suits, they feel silver fiber fabric is lighter weight than metal fibre radiation protection fabric .and further, silver fiber fabrics is more comfortable to touch directly the skin .
It is known that silver has the character of antibacterial,the properties of silver also showed on the radiation protection suits .But because silver is easy to oxidation,when moms wear radiation proof clothes for a long time, they will find signs of radiation protection clothing will change the black,and they begin to worry about radiation shielding effect will disappear.Silver fiber just like we usually wear a silver bracelet, wearing a long time natural back to black, this will not influence the shielding of the radiation.
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