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Stainless steel fiber woven conductive tape

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Summary:Stainlesss teel 316L fiber woven conductive tape

Stainless steel woven tape is weaved of 100% stainless steel 316L spun yarn , as steel tape,it has good electrical conductivity,it has been applied for electronics and wearable clothing , and further, the stape has very fastened structure, it is washable .

The tape is soft, and can be weaved into different structures, such as plain weave , twilled weave and satin weave .it can be serve for many conditions of application .

Stainless steel fiber woven tape also has the character of high temperature resistance ,it is widely used in glass making process .

We can weave the stainless steel tape with width 5 mm - 200 mm , and also can do custom required size .

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