• Metal fiber sintered felt is used for high temperature resistance filter,corrosion resistance filter,high precision filter

Stainless Steel Fiber Sintered Felt


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Description: Metal fiber sintered felt is used for high temperature resistance filter,corrosion resistance filter,high precision filter

High Temperature Metal Fiber Sintered Felt

Metal felt is made of very fine metal fibre (accurate to microns in diameter), by non-woven spread system, fold through high heat sintering.

Stainless steel sintered felt with different aperture formation form pore gradient, it can control high filtration precision and greater carrying amount.With three dimensional network, porous structure, high porosity, large surface area, pore diameter size distribution uniformity and other characteristics, can keep continuous filter cloth filter function.Due to the above structure and features,stainless steel sintering felt can effectively make up the metal net plugging easily, vulnerable weakness, to be able to make up for the insufficient powder filter product fragile, small flow rate, with average filter, filter cloth can't match the characteristics of heat resistance, compression, and stainless steel metal sintering felt is ideal for high temperature resistance filter, corrosion resistance filter, high precision filter materials


1. The pollutant carrying capacity is big, high filtration precision, pressure rise slow, change cycle is long;
2. High porosity and good permeability, small pressure loss, large flow;
3. corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, acid, alkali, organic solvents, drugs such as corrosion, can be used in 480 degree centigrade environment medium;
4. Easy to machining, forming, welding;
5. According to user requirements special production and enhanced, thick, intensive net and other kinds of specifications;


For stainless steel sintering felt excellent filtering performance,it is ideal for high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high precision of filter materials.Widely used in polymer filtration, petroleum chemical industry, electronic high temperature gas dust removal, refining process of filtration, viscose, ultra filter, filter, vacuum pump protection filter, filter membrane support body, catalyst carrier, automotive airbags, fuel filter, hydraulic system, including aircraft ship.

Material : stainless steel fiber, Fe-Cr-Al alloy fiber etc

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