• Fire resistant Fe Cr Al fabric for metal fiber gas burner

FeCrAl Fabric For Metal Fiber Burner


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Description: Fire resistant Fe Cr Al fabric for metal fiber gas burner

Fe-Cr-Al Fabric For Metal Fiber Burner

Name : Fe-Cr-Al Fabric ,Fire resistant fabric,Metal Fiber Premixed Flame Burner Fabric

Material : Fe-Cr-Al alloy fiber

Style : Fe cr al knitted fabric

Weight : 1300g/m2 ,1100g/m2,850g/m2,

Feature :

Heat resistant 1200 -1400 C,working temperature 1100 degree .

High surface heat strength, effectively increase the adjusting range of burner, at the same time with modes of blue flame and ir buring .
Excellent low heat bilges and cold shrink resistance.
There is very low noise during burning process, cooling fast after burning.
Metal fiber fabric is very soft, so it can be arbitrary cutting processing into various shapes for the burner head and direction in order to meet the technological requirements.
Structure is very strong,it is hard to be damaged, and not afraid of cold water, hard to be high temperature oxidized
Excellent CO and NOX emission reduction effectiveness.

Application: It is widely used for metal fiber burner part /roaster/combuster,and premixed flame burner

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